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Order Summary and Checkout Policy for

1. Overview

  • Briefly explain the purpose of the policy.

  • State that the policy applies to all digital products and marketing consultation services offered.

2. User Account

  • Describe if users need to create an account for purchasing or if guest checkout is available.

  • Mention data privacy and how user information is protected.

3. Order Process

  • Outline the steps from selecting products/services to reaching the checkout page.

4. Pricing and Payments

  • Clearly list the pricing structure for digital products and consultation services.

  • Detail accepted payment methods and currencies, focusing on those relevant to your Indian customer base.

  • Include information about taxes, if applicable.

5. Order Confirmation

  • Explain how customers will receive confirmation of their order (e.g., via email).

  • Include the timeframe in which they should expect this confirmation.

6. Delivery of Digital Products

  • Specify how and when digital products will be delivered (e.g., instant download, email link).

  • Address any time zone considerations for immediate access to products/services.

7. Scheduling Consultations

  • Provide information on how customers can schedule their marketing consultations.

  • Include any relevant terms regarding rescheduling or cancellation.

8. Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Clearly state the terms for refunds or cancellations, especially important for digital products and consultancy services.

  • Indicate any time limits for refund eligibility.

9. Customer Support

  • Offer contact information for customer support.

  • Include expected response times and available hours, considering different time zones if you have an international client base.

10. Amendments to the Order

  • Describe the process for making changes to an order after it has been placed.

11. Legal Compliance and Jurisdiction

  • Assert compliance with relevant Indian e-commerce laws and regulations.

  • Specify that any legal disputes will be handled under the jurisdiction of Maharashtra, India.

12. Policy Updates

  • Note how customers will be informed of any changes to the policy.

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